Choice Solutions is an Australian company committed to helping Australians conserve energy, be it in the home, in the office, or in the most demanding commercial applications.


Choice Solutions is a provider of premium rigid foams for energy conservation, having its own production facilities and the ability to import products that satisfy Australia's high standards into Australia. We have designed and manufactured our own brand of polystyrene waffle pods "Choice Form". Choice Solutions distribute the "Masterwall" polystyrene wall system and also provide Australia with extruded polystyrene for various applications. The extruded polystyrene (XPS) that Choice Solutions can provide you with, meets all required specifications for the Australian market. This shows the code of quality we enforce as we seek to provide Australians with quality energy conservation products for domestic and industrial applications. Our PAL KD is a German Engineered concrete soffit system, therefore helping you to meet section J requirements with ease.


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